Tony Hui

Data Scientist,
and accidental web developer

Tony Hui

I'm Tony and I'm a microbiologist data scientist.

Well, I was a microbiologist in a previous life. Didn't learn anything particularly useful other than that antibiotic soap is bad and immune cells are good.

I hold a Masters degree in Computational Biology (Epigenetics). Very esoteric, right? It turns out analyzing gigabytes of data, finding nuggets of value, and telling insightful stories are highly valuable skills. I'm particularily good at exploratory data analysis and unsupervised learning problems, mainly because most datasets in the academic and corporate worlds are unlabeled and unexplored. These experiences allowed me to develop my ability to translate complex data into business-actionable insights; this talent is the key reason for my success at EY and now

Along the way, I learned front-end web development. This skill also enabled me to win 4 hackathons (netting $9,500 CAD in prize money)

My consulting experience at EY resulted in me acquiring a solid foundation of the business side of data; specifically, data strategy, data governance, and business intelligence. In addition, Indeed has allowed me to pick up a wealth of technical engieering skills such as full-stack web development, microservices, cloud infrastructure, and big data engineering. All skills that University Tony had no interest in, but are now proving instrumental to being a well rounded and effective Data Scientist.

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I am an author or co-author of 8 scientific publications. A full list of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar profile

MSc, Genome Sciences and Technology
University of British Columbia
09/2015 - 01/2018 (2 years 4 months)
GPA: 92%
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  • Invented an automated DNA sequencing protocol for single-cells resulting in 3 new scientific collaborations and contributed to 3 national grant applications being funded
  • Automated quality control and analytical pipelines of over 2,000 single-cell datasets (100s of GBs) with bash and R scripts.
  • Presented over 40 times at lab and collaborator meetings and at 6 national and international scientific conferences to a mixture of technical and non-technical audiences

BSc Hons, Microbiology and Immunology
University of British Columbia
09/2010 - 04/2014 (4 years)

GPA: 85%

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